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Where is a cheap vacation at the sea this summer?

This country, even with «allowed» Turkey, encroached on a piece of the tourist pie,

and not without success — increasing the volume of Russian tourists from year to year. This was facilitated by the fastest issuance of visas in the Schengen area (in the summer it usually took 3 days) and low prices in the country compared to the rest of Europe https://flytravelling.com/. Well, there is no point in talking about the wealth of Greece — as the classic wrote, “everything is there”. Against the background of the absence of Turkey on the agenda, Greece’s position should strengthen even more, unless, of course, Crimea and Sochi pull the blanket over itself. To the undoubted advantages of the country, we add a large selection of islands and resorts, a close flight and amazing local cuisine.

This island, especially its southern part, is in many ways similar to Greece, but with one important difference — you do not need a visa. More precisely, it is electronic and is fully issued via the Internet. An island with centuries of history and stunning white sand lagoons can be quite inexpensive with a charter flight package or our DIY travel tips. Northern Cyprus is also interesting, but this is the territory of Turkey and logistics will be more difficult, although you can always get through the southern part. Tourists usually rent a car and go to explore the north on their own, or turn to the services of guides.

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